PACTA . dei Teatri

PACTA Salone is the first council led theatre in Milan. Reopened in 2016, this historical and cultural place was brought back to life by an experienced theatre company called PACTA . dei Teatri.

Thanks to the council backing, PACTA was enabled to push the boundaries of theatrical performance both by staging new commissions, more experimental plays and reworking some of the classics.

In this selection of galleries you can discover an unexpected variety of characters and situations, from true stories to fantasy tales, from surrealistic sets to empty stages.

I've been following PACTA . dei Teatri since the opening of their first season in the PACTA Salone in September 2016. Here I bring to your attention some pieces from the Pacta repertoire - including Kafka, Voltaire, Pirandello, Canetti, Pinter and much more - and from a variety of guest theatre companies that worked in this mesmerising space so far.

The founders and main performers of this artistic adventure are Maria Eugenia D'Aquino, a talented actress and "cultural shaker" performing on stage since 1984; Riccardo Magherini, with a long career as an actor and director that worked besides figures like Giorgio Strehler; Annig Raimondi, actress, director and dramatist.