Directed by Olga Vinyals Martori
Dramaturgy - Isabel Borràs Latre
Artistic Collaboration - Noemí Rodríguez Cuadras
Video - Carles Ribes
Learning Service - Mercè Clos Muntsant
Actors and Actresses - Eulalia Botey, Antonia Carreras, Jordi Casas, Neus Ferrer, Toñi Fernandez, Anna Maria Fort, Ana Garcia, Conchita de la Heras, Angels Llobet, Cristina Pla, Carles Ribes, Paula Ribes, Amparo Rodriguez, Maria Trabalon, Josep Vives, Àgata Vives
Scenography - Josep Castells
Lighting - Toni Magrinyà
Artescena Social Production
Milano, Pacta Salone, 13 May 2017

A photo gallery of an extraordinary new play: a poetic and ironic female show, with non-professional actresses, directed by Olga Vinyals Martori. The work reflects on the status of women in textile companies at the beginning of the twentieth century and their role in society.