I have been commissioned to photograph a number of theatrical performances over the years. The bulk of them have been for the organisation CETEC (Centro Europeo Teatro e Carcere) which is a groundbreaking cooperative organisation working with convicts and the prison system in Italy and Europe as an initiative to tackle issues of mental health, diversity and social anxiety through artistic expression in the form of theatre.

Another chunk of my commissions have come from the organisation PACTA . dei Teatri, a council funded and led threatre production company launched in 2016 delivering some groundbreaking work in Milan staging more experimental plays and adaptations of the classics pushing the boundaries of theatrical representation in the 21st century. All PACTA . dei Teatri galleries can be found here More recently I have also started working as a photographer in collaboration with the Duperdu group formed of Marta Maria Marangoni and Fabio Wolf.

Click on the links below to view all the photographs I have taken working commissions from the 3 theatre production companies.

Featured Theatre Galleries

CETEC - San Vittore Globe Theatre. Act II. Le Tempeste - Dec 2017

Photos from the 3rd production of Le Tempeste written and directed by Donatella Massimilla.
This time the performance took places inside the Prison of San Vittore itself where the performers are spending their time.
This powerful performance took place in December 2017.

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CETEC - Ofelia Donna Delle Erbe - Jun 2019

Photos from the outdoors performances of "Ofelia Donna delle Erbe" (Ofelia woman of the grasses) at Milan and Sirmione in 2019.

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PACTA - Colazione da Voltaire - Apr 2016

Some photographs from the staging of Alessandro Pazzi's theatrical adaptation of excerpts from Voltaire's Philosophical Dictionary

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PACTA - I Parenti Terribili - Feb 2016

Photos from the theatrical masterpiece of the French poet Jean Cocteau performed in Milan in February of 2016.

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Duperdu - Pot Purri - 2016-20

A mix and mash (pot purri in Italian) of a number of different performances by the talented duo Duperdu.

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Duperdu - Epopea dell’Irrealtà di Niguarda - Jun 2018

A work of genius recounting the adventures of a variety of characters in a working class neighborhood in the 4th century.

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