Art and Sculpture Photography

With a background as a published historian before becoming a photographer I have developed a trained eye to understand elements and details of sculpture informed by their historical, social, religious and cultural significance as well as aesthetic qualities.

In photographing art and sculpture my aim is to be subtle and at the same time ambitious: it is to reveal the profound origins that gave birth to the work in the mind of the artist. What were their aesthetic and social tendencies? What came before to inspire them and what legacy did they create for the future?

Thanks to my background and experience I am able to work to align to any brief which gets thrown my way and deliver work to fit an array of different representation objectives be it for museum catalogues, art books or stock photography.

My photographic work will strive to reveal new and deeper truths about art and sculpture than what one is able to capture with their naked eye.

During the last years I have refined my photographic technique (especially taking photos of marble) to use light, aperture and reflection to really bring the artwork to life.

I have a lot of experience working with hand held camera and using natural light however I can also to work in a studio setting with artificial lighting and tripod.

I work with a Canon Eos 5D Mark III with a number of different lenses.

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