CETEC – Centro Europeo Teatro e Carcere

CETEC (Centro Europeo Teatro e Carcere) is a groundbreaking cooperative organisation working with convicts and the prison system in Italy and Europe as an initiative to tackle issues of mental health, diversity and social anxiety through artistic expression in the form of theatre.
The program is led by Donatella Massimilla who works with convicts and involves them in theatrical productions encouraging them to express themselves through the medium of art. To many people this is the first time they are given the chance to perform in front of an audience and think creatively which has been a proven way to help process a lot of mental health issues.
Below is the collection of galleries from all the CETEC performances I have worked on.

Le Tempeste (Dec 2016)

Cetec. Le Tempeste.I 2

Le Sedie (Mar 2017)

Cetec. Le sedie.I 2

A Walk in Shakespeare's Garden (Apr 2017)

Cetec. A walk

A Lecture on Commedia dell'Arte (Apr 2017)

Lecture on Commedia dell'Arte

Le Sedie (May & Jun 2017)

Cetec. Le sedie.II 13

Le Tempeste (Oct 2017)

Cetec. Le tempeste.II 18

Le Tempeste (Dec 2017)

Cetec. Le tempeste.III 13

Le Sedie Straniere (Apr 2018)

Cetec. Le sedie straniere 12

Le Sedie Accessibili (May 2018)

Cetec. Le sedie accessibili 3

Le Tempeste (July 2018)

Cetec. Le Tempeste.IV 5

Diarios de Frida (Sep 2018)

Cetec. Diarios de Frida

Ofelia Donna Delle Erbe (Jun 2019)

Cetec. Ofelia

Shakespearean Readings (Jul 2019)

Cetec.Shakespeare Readings