PD Electoral Campaign, Milano – Jan-Jun 2016

In this section you will find photos of the events that took place in Milano during the Partito Democratico (Democtratic Party) campaign for the local elections in Milano in the first half of 2016.

The Democratic Party won the election and here you will find photos of the current members of Milano Council, first of all the Mayor Giuseppe Sala (called also friendly Beppe) and images from the candidate Diana De Marchi.

The events I had the priviledge of getting an insider’s look at were very different: parties, internal political meetings, public conferences, private talks, demonstrations, cultural or academic lectures, etc. Here you can find is a selection of images from the campaign that lasted about six months. The red rope that ties together these photos is the aim to capture an intense and important historical moment where gazes reveal deep feelings or give added meaning to the entire context.

All the photos from the reportage have been published in the book: Grandi speranze available on Amazon.