Duperdu - Marta Maria Marangoni and Fabio Wolf

I saw Duperdu for the first time in a little, dusty theatre, that one time was a stage for experimental theatre, cabaret and music shows. Marta and Fabio, the leaders of Duperdu looked were perfect in this old cosy setting, telling funny stories on female roles, improvising true new music compositions or reinventing George Brassens in Milanese dialect. Since then I have fallen in love with them instantly and this is my personal tribute to their talent and enthusiasm.

Duperdu is a talented couple - Marta Maria Marangoni (voice) and Fabio Wolf (piano) - who works in the wake of tradition, reinventing it.

Trained in the Nanni Svampa School, they move in the space of Theatre of the Absurd and the genial figure of Alejandro Jodorowsky, but they are tied to a territory, a proletarian district of the city of Milano. Duperdu makes cabaret with fantasy, much fun and good music. They also work with a phantasmagorical company of non-professional artists, hired on the road. Their shows are full of irony and lightness and here youcan get a little taste of their multifaceted work.