In this section you can find a collection of all the photo galleries born from encounters with the people during my travels, my life, my engagement in politics. Some people I know personally, others that I might have simply just crossed paths with, other people still are important figures engaged in fights for freedom and justice.

These photos can be classed as street photography or travel photography or photo reportages but their one unifying element is the representation of humanity across borders through universal portrayals of feelings and expression.

I love people from all walks of life and I hope my photos will portray everyone’s unique and amazing qualities.

Milano Pride - 2016, 2018 & 2019

In Milano, Pride is celebration of joy, and the struggle for human rights of every minority.
It is one of my favourite events to photograph because of the incredible atmosphere and diversity that you can witness in every corner of the street.

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PD Electoral Campaign, Milano - Jan-Jun 2016

I had the opportunity to take photos of the Democratic Party (PD) candidates during the local election campaign of 2016 and I realised a full reportage of the six months of campaigning with some hugely significant and beautiful shots.

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Fête de Tabaski, Lomé - Jul 2018

This photo reportage covers all the events and the rituals of this holy morning: the prayer in the big esplanade, the people dressed in their most beautiful clothes and so on.

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Adidogome Market, Lomé - Jul 2018

Photos in this gallery have been taken at the incredible market of Adidogome in Lomé, Togo where I seek to represent the startling contrast between the uplifting mood and the poverty of the living conditions.

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